Saturday, May 22, 2010

U.S. Representative Hartwell?

Dear Deidra,

Well, now that you're 25, you can officially run for the U.S. House of Representatives! Congratulations! Maybe we should start raising money for your campaign.

AND you can rent a car with extra fees!

Thanks for letting me share your last six birthdays - even though it blows your mind that we've known each other that long.

In other words, the immortal words of Gus-Gus say it all . . .

(Oh, and I love you!)

Bizarre HR

For those of you who are interested, I have started a new blog:

I will still be blogging personal stories and such on this blog.

The new blog will be focus on human resources, particularly the parts of HR that I find interesting, strage, etc. Even though it is HR focused, hopefully it will appeal to people outside of the HR profession as well.

So, take a look and feel free to comment!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sour Grapes

If you followed the PhD program selection, you know that the University of Alabama was one of the four place to which I was accepted. But I turned them down within a day or so of receiving the initial acceptance news over the phone - which meant that I turned them down before they ever officially sent the acceptance offer letter.

Well, the other day (more than a month and a half after I made my decision), I received a letter from Alabama. When I opened it up, it was a generic form letter telling me that I was not selected from their "large pool of highly qualified candidates" to be admitted in their program.

My guess is that, since they had never sent an acceptance letter to me, my application was tossed in on the reject pile once I had turned them down. But it still made me a little offended. I guess it's the whole "You can't fire me, I already quit!" or "You can't break up with me, because I'm breaking up with you!" feeling.

I'm the one who turned you down, Alabama! If you need to send a rejection letter to feel better about yourself, you may have some insecurity issues you need to work out.