Friday, June 30, 2006

And so it begins ...

I have officially joined the world of the bloggers and I am still trying to decide if that means I am cool or if that means I am a complete nerd . . . probably the latter.

First off, let me explain a little bit about the "GoodNed." Once upon a time, there was a man named Ned Bowen (actually, he's still quite alive). Well, somehow (it's a long convoluted story) his name became a slang/substitute curse word by a select few in the surrounding rural community in Idaho - one of those select few being my best friend's father as a young lad. Years later, it trickled down the generation to my best friend and from there it spread like wild fire. Phrases of frustration, exclamation, and exasperation such as "Good Ned!", "Ned Bowen!", or "What in the Ned?" became extremely commonplace among my circle of friends in high school and it's just continued to grow. In fact, I once had a missionary companion who heard me say it a lot on the mission and maybe even picked up on it a little bit himself. Some time after the mission, he was sitting down to dinner with his wife-to-be and her family in southern Utah. Then it happened. Right in the middle of the meal, one of the family members blurts out "Good Ned!" My former missionary companion, visibly taken aback, asks where they came up with that expression and, after much discussion and explanation, it is discovered that he was actually marrying my best friend's cousin. What a small world it is.

So, if nothing else ever comes of this blog, at least you know the origin of its name.