Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I haven't had enough of these kind of days lately . . .

Since transferring jobs, things have been pretty crazy and I have not had much time to breathe at work. Today is finally a slow day and my boss is gone, so it is much more relaxed and I actually have time for a short little blog. Plus, it is the last day of work for me this week, so I have very little motivation.

But once Thanksgiving is over, it is going to be crazy until Christmas - with school assignments, tests, work, etc. So I figured I'd give you at least a couple of paragraphs to read to tide you over for a while.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

How much for my online soul?

In an update from a previous post, I wanted first to let everyone know that I was successful in regaining possession my original website ( for about $30. A couple of weeks have gone by since that transaction was completed, but I have yet to re-upload everything onto the site. Well, this week, I received an email from another Chris Hartwell who was interested in purchasing the website from me in order to use it for some sort of personal financial blog. Upon further communication, I got a tenative offer, but am not sure I want to sell. I don't want to tell you yet what I was offered - but I want your collective professional opinions. If you were in my position, for what price would you be willing to sell the website? Maybe after getting some responses, I will tell you what I was offered, but I want to hear what you all think first.