Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One semester down . . .

The grades are in and it looks like I have successfully completed my first semester at Purdue, and I even found time to attend a couple of football games.

It actually went by a lot faster than any previous school semester, so I am hoping the rest of the program will fly by just as fast.

Friday, December 10, 2010

No one wants to see this picture

(please disregard the chubby belly - it's the off-season for running.)

I don't know why I feel the compulsion to post my battle wounds on my blog. It's actually quite nasty. Maybe because I think these wounds could give me some street cred if they are mistaken for gunshot wounds. Maybe because I'm glad that I won't have a huge scar like my dad from having his gall bladder out. Maybe because I'm jealous of all the attention Deidra's belly is getting these days. Maybe I'm just bored.

At any rate, I am feeling much better today than the past couple of days. I think I might actually survive and heal.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nurse Deidra

Deidra and I went to the surgical center at 7:30 am, where I got paperwork done and was prepped for surgery.

At 8:30 they knocked me out and performed the surgery.

At 9:30, I awoke (kind of) and was taken to my recuperation station, where Deidra joined me. For the next 2 hours or so, I was in and out of consciousness, while sipping water and subsequently throwing it up (only once, though). And Deidra was patiently waiting for me to get up the energy to get out of there.

At about noon, I successfully took a whiz (yes, that's really the test) and we finally got the okay for Deidra to drive me home, where I promptly fell asleep again.

Throughout it all, I am feeling actually quite well, though that's probably got something to do with being drugged. I think it also has to do with having the best home nurse I could ever hope for. Deidra has been tireless in answering my beck and call, and even knowning what I need before I have to ask for it.  I keep telling her thank you and it feels so insufficient. I definitely love that girl!

I should be taking notes so that I can be half as good to her come April.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Clear liquid diet

My meals for today were as follows:

Breakfast: Jello, apple juice, and cherry pomegranate crystal light
Morning snack: peppermint tea
Lunch: Jello and chicken broth
Afternoon snack: Powerade
Dinner: Jello and chicken broth
Dessert: Two popsicles

Who knew that chicken broth could be so tasty? I guess it's all perspective.

I also had 10 ounces of magnesium sulfate solution to help it all wash out.  Mmmm tasty . . .

The gall bladder surgery is tomorrow morning, and I'm just excited to get to eat real food again soon.