Saturday, September 29, 2007

While the cat's away the mice will procrastinate

Deidra left on Thursday morning to go to DC and visit some friends and old co-workers in DC. Of course, I unfortunately have to stay and go to work, since our trips to Seattle left me with only a few vacation days left at work. I have been trying to read the last 200 pages of The World is Flat for class and write an analysis of it while she has been gone. So far, I have about half a page written with quite a bit left to do. I can't get myself to focus. Instead I spend time surfing the net, checking fantasy football, reading Sports Illustrated, reading blogs (everything I have missed since i last read blogs about two weeks ago), and now I'm even BLOGGING! Can you believe it? But it's due by Wednesday, so I will be forced to buckle down some day soon.