Friday, February 15, 2008

Gotta love free food!

Tonight, Deidra and I went to our stake Valentine's Ball. They had a buffet style dinner and there were a lot of people when we first got there. We got in line, hoping there would be enough food for us. A couple of hours later, long after we had filled our bellies and then tried to dance some of those calories away, the party wound down. Before it ended, there was an announcement that they had brought out plastic wrap so people could take some food home. I thought, Cool - we can take a few mini-sandwiches home for lunch tomorrow. But when we got to the food tables, they were bringing out boxes and boxes of sandwiches, salad, brownies, vegetables, etc. The picture below is what we ended up with . . . and that was only half of what they were trying to unload on us. I don't think we'll be spending much on groceries in the next little while. We'll be eating mini sandwiches and cinnamon rolls for a week!

clockwise from left: humongo bag o' salad, bucket o' pasta salad, cup o' valentine chocolate, pile o' sandwiches, plate o' veggies, bag o' chocolate chips, two-tiered box o' mini cinnis.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Raise your hand if you have the best wife in the world!

(by the way, my hand is raised . . . in fact, both of my hands are raised . . . In fact, I am typing this blog post with my nose because both of my hand are raised.)

Happy Valentine's Day, Deid!

Monday, February 11, 2008

What the tagness?

I got a message from Patrice that I had been tagged. Considering that I had 78 posts on my Google reader that I had not yet read (it's been about two or three weeks since my last blog reading). So here goes nothin':

10 years ago: I was in downtown Cincinnati serving a mission. It was one of the most difficult areas of my mission, as it was hard to find sincere people who were receptive to the gospel message. While serving in Cincinnati, I came across D&C 61:30-31 and then I understood why. :-)

5 things on my list of things to do today: Since is is past 10pm right now, my list is pretty short: 1. Change into PJs, 2. Brush teeth, 3. Pray, 4. Read Scriptures, 5. Set the alarm and go to bed.

Snacks I enjoy: Golden Oreos, Hot Tamales, Dots, Ice Cream, Jalapeno-flavored chips, etc.

Things I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: Pay off debt, buy my wife a Volvo station wagon, build a house equipped with my own music studio, quit my job and travel.

3 of my bad habits: plucking out my eyebrows with my fingers, not hanging up my coat, accelerating too fast (according to Deidra)

Jobs I have had: Cow milker, Sandwich Artist, Music Marketer, Administrative Assistant, Residence Hall Security, Ski Lift Operator, Hay Truck Driver, Unloading Grain Truck, Intern Coordiantor, Mail Manager, Staffing Supervisor, Interim Branch Manager, etc.

Things that people don't know about me: The first celebrity I ever had a crush on was Christine Taylor in Hey Dude! . . . I once broke a girl's nose when I was in Tai-Kwon-Do as a child (and that was the end of martial arts for me) . . . I once accidentally ran through a sliding glass door.

People being tagged: Kamilah, Robin, and you.