Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Birthday Party that Rocked!

It may have happened three weeks ago, but everybody knows I am a blogging slacker, so I am just telling everyone about it now. Deidra threw me an uber-excellent birthday party . . . and I have pictures to prove it!

It all started with the arrival of some special birthday guests - Karisa, Hudson, and Dalanie. Rumor has it that Hudson even chose coming to visit us over going to get ice cream. Perhaps he could sense all the refreshments that were going to be available to him at the party.

It was my big 30th birthday, so we had to go all out. This included chips, vegetables, lil smokies, and soft pretzel bites - all of which could be dipped into the nacho cheese "fountain of youth." As you can see, at the beginning some of the guests (Karisa and Tameka in this picture) weren't quite sure what to think about it. But it was a big success once people got used to it.

Not only that, but Deidra baked an awesome yellow cake with chocolate butter creme frosting AND an amazing pecan pie - both which were served with ice cream. Check out the awesome candles!

There was much Wii playing to entertain all the guests. Deidra and I had even created little Miis (virtual players on the Wii) for each of the guests who had RSVPed.

Finally, there was opening of presents. This particular ensemble was courtesy of the Mills.

We have such great friends and the party was a ton of fun People were still playing the Wii until the "wii" hours of the morning (man, I'm funny!). Thanks to the Newmans, who let us crash in on the social center at the apartment complex they manage. I am grateful that Deidra went through such great lengths to make an unforgettable party for a huge birthday that could have been dreadful otherwise. I mean, who ever wants to turn 30?

Everyone is invited to come play the Wii anytime. We've had a ton of fun with it since we got it. It was totally worth being my anniversary, birthday, and Christmas present all rolled into one.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm NOT 30!

I just had to express that today while I still can.

The death (and rebirth?) of

This week, I tried to access and it would not come up. I contacted the company I purchased it from to find out what had happened. Come to find out, my registration for had expired back in August. The company had attempted to contact me, but had an old email address that I hardly ever check anymore. After the registration expired, was purchased by another company, so I was unable to obtain it! Talk about frustrating. So instead, I purchased

I later went online and found contact information for the company that purchased I assumed that their company did business by buying domain names that expire in hopes of charging large amounts for the previous owners to buy them back. Upon contacting the company, they were very cordial. They apologized for purchasing the site when I was still interested in it. They wouldn't tell me any specifics, but said that their company bought websites that had expired for research purposes. They offered to sell me back the website if I would simply cover the costs they had spent in purchasing the site.

So hopefully on Monday, I will be able to get back in my possession. Until then, everything has been uploaded to Maybe someday, I'll even update the website. Who knows?