Friday, July 20, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

It's that time of year again. I want to extend a personal invitation to everyone out there (and that includes you Scott Cromie) to join my fantasy football league. Just click on the picture above and enter the following information:

League ID: 29580

Password: roxor

Let the games begin!

Wanna sell coffee on the Sabbath?

That's basically the question I posed to a recently-returned missionary today at work. He came in looking for a job, and I was trying to fill a job for Saturday and Sunday grinding, brewing, and giving out samples of coffee to customers at Sam's Club.

He's going to do it.

Should I feel bad?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A pretty good surprise

At around 11:45, with about 15 minutes left in class this morning, I got a text message from my wife that read:

"Do you think you'll be wrapping up at noon?"

I replied that it looked like we were nearing the end for the day. Her text response was:

"I hope so, too! There's a pretty good surprise waiting for you!"

I'm a sucker for surprises, so as soon as class got finished (11:54 - six minutes early), I ran home down the hill and arrived shortly after noon. I must have been too fast, because when I opened the door, I was told to go back outside because the surprise wasn't ready.

A moment later, I was called back in and found this on my plate at the candlelit table:

It was definitely a pretty good surprise. Does it get any better than a summer lunch like that? The wraps were pretty amazingly tasty, pasta salad is always a Chris favorite, and the lemon-poppyseed cupcakes glazed with some sort of lemon-sugary goodness were irresistable. My wife is pretty much awesome.

Oh, and Happy 25th Birthday Diet Coke! Thanks for being a part of such a great surprise.

(P.S. I think it's kind of weird that I am older than Diet Coke.)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Super Mario Christmas Story

What you get when you mix one of Nintendo's greatest video games with one of the best movies ever made? Pure genius ...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I've been taggified!

Four Jobs I’ve held:
1. Farm hand/cow milker
2. GWU Board of Chaplains student assistant
3. Senator Larry Craig's Intern Coodinator
4. Branch Manager

Movies I can watch over and over:
1. Back to the Future
2. Life is Beautiful
3. Napolean Dynamite
4. Gattica

Places I’ve lived:
1. Declo, ID
2. Washington, DC
3. Cincinnati, OH
4. Logan, UT

T.V. Shows I enjoy:
1. Seinfeld/Bernie Mac/Malcolm in the MIddle/Drew Carey/all other old sitcoms that are re-ran all the time.
2. The Office
3. Jeopardy
4. The Simpsons

Places I have been on vacations to:
1. Glacier National Park
2. Boston, MA
3. The Czech Republic
4. Spain (Madrid, Zaragoza, & Barcelona)

Favorite foods:
1. Quesdillas
2. Steak & Potatoes
3. Smothered Grilled Chicken
4. Spaghetti & Hot Dogs, seasoned with a generous amount of Frank's Red Hot (my official bachelor meal - I can only eat it now when Deidra is out of town)

Websites I visit:
1. You Tube
2. MSN Games
3. Yahoo! Fantasy Football(more info on the 2007-2008 season to come)
4. Chris Hartwell Dot Com

Places I’d rather be right now:
1. Washington, DC
2. Hawaii
3. Mesquite, NV (adventure to Mesquite is forthcoming, so be ready!)
4. Your mom's house

Consider yourself tagged (because you're probably the only four people that might read my blog that haven't already been tagged [that I know of])
1. Chod (In order to get out of the junk pile)
2. Kamilah
3. Sarah
4. Robin