Thursday, August 16, 2007

An update . . . of sorts

This update goes out to Daisy Paige, the one fan who requested an update. Congratulations on the pregnancy! You and Josh will be great parents.

Other comments I have neglected to leave on people's blogs:

1) To Karisa - Happy birthday, happy "birthing" day (I can't wait to meet Dalanie), and happy birthday to Brent, too. Sounds like a lot of summer birthdays around your house.

2) To Bestsariah - Nice haircut

3) To Kamilah - Your husband screamed on the roller coaster. That's kind of funny ... but not too funny, because I'm pretty sure he could beat me up.

Updates that I have missed:

1) My summer classes are over and I passed all three classes.

2) Now I get to start the graduate program fo' real in a couple of weeks.

3) My best friend from high school is getting married and I get to be a groomsman . . . unfortunately, it is in Seattle, so I have to miss work and school in order to do so.

4) Work is uber-crazy and I'm not sure I really like it. But I've only been doing it for a couple of months. It's definitely made me miss the lazy summer days of working with the education side of things.

5) Our trip to Mesquite was all sorts of fun. Deidra and I won at tennis, but I lost in golf pretty soundly. I also lost at the waterslide luge, the holding your breath underwater for a long time competition, and at Settlers. We went with three other couples and had a great time. The Suburban was perfect transportation to fit us all in.

6) (This is pre-emptive news, since who knows when I'll blog again) My lovely, wonderful, spectacular, beautiful, brilliant, caring, and incredible wife and I will celebrate our second anniversary on Saturday. Hopefully her husband figures out something cool to do.

7) My lil sil is currently living with us until school starts. She's a pretty cool cat ... though sometimes a little strange. She was about 500% excited to show off her Fat Baby boots at the Cassia County Fair this weekend. She even took a day off work for it so she could head to Burley tonight.

8) And finally, I'm sorry to disappoint those who were hoping for a repeat performance as I defended my second place ribbon at the Cache County Fair. While I did sign up to participate again this year, we totally spaced it and missed the fair completely. Oh well!

I hope that's enough to keep you all entertained for another little while. I am also getting rid of the junk pile and the lyric of the week/month, since I do not update either of those enough to make it worth it. But I will try to be a little bit better about posting . . . maybe.