Sunday, September 21, 2008

MoTab, Jr.

I guess this is late news, but I thought I should make mention of it. I am now singing in the American Festival Chorus, aka MoTab*, Jr. My brother-in-law and my brother-in-law's brother-in-law are also in the choir. 

It's not really a mini-MoTab - but it is a choir of over 250, I did have to audition for a spot, it is directed by Craig Jessop (who led the MoTab for 10 years before stepping down last year and becoming the head of USU's music department), and we are wearing black tuxes (for the men) and matching sparkling outfits (for the women).

We have a patriotic Veteran's Day concert coming up on Nov.12 and a concert performing Mozart's Requiem on Nov. 15. So put it on your calendar!

*MoTab is short for Mormon Tabernacle Choir, in case you aren't 100% hip on the Mormon slang.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Step into my office

As some of you know, I finally got the go ahead to continue working remotely part-time (technically as a contrator) with the organization that I interned with over the summer. That means that a lot of the work I do is computer-based research from home. Deidra has been very supportive and even arranged our spare bedroom to be more of an ideal home office, as seen below:

It has made it much easier and nicer to focus on work while I am home. The other great thing is that the office is about two feet away from the "studio," so I can take a break when needed by trying to remember how to be a musician.

All in all, I like this working from home stuff.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Annual "Who Sucks More" Game!

Tomorrow is the annual meeting between the Aggies and the Vandals (Utah State and U. of Idaho, respectively). Ever since I've lived in Logan, basically what that means is that both teams have their best chance at a conference win. So who will it be? The 1-2 Vandals (does beating Idaho State really count as a win?) or the winless Aggies?

Monday, September 08, 2008

My heartfelt apology

Dear Brett Favre,

I could tell from the above picture that you really took it personally when I kept telling people I was sick of hearing all about Brett Favre on all of the sports shows every day during the summer.

"He's retired . . . he's interested in coming back . . . no, just kidding . . . ok, maybe not kidding . . . yeah, definitely coming back . . . bad blood in Green Bay . . . interview on Fox News . . . calls from the Minnesota Vikings . . . maybe the Dolphins . . . being 'bribed' to stay retired . . . finally traded to the Jets . . . had to run a lap in practice because of fumbling a snap . . . "

It just went on and on! I'm sure you can understand my feelings. I know I said that I wish you had just stayed retired and spared us all the media circus surrounding your return. I know I scoffed when you got traded to the lowly Jets. And I scoffed even more when I saw that I had drafted you in the 13th round of our automated fantasy football draft. And I know it all really hurt you to see my bad attitude toward your return to football.

That's why I'm here to make amends and hope that we can be friends again. You see, in that draft, I gambled and took Tom Brady as my 1st round pick. He's been my fantasy QB for four years now (if memory serves me correctly) and has never let me down. But this year is different. This year, he earned a measly 3 points before getting injured and getting sidelined for the season.

So that's why I'm now petitioning to you. You're my only hope. Without you, my fantasy football season could already be over. So waddayasay? How about we forget that whole summer circus and start again with a fresh, clean slate. You just go out and play some great football (throwing for a lot of touchdowns, of course) and I'll be behind you every step of the way.

Thanks, man. I owe you one.

- Chris

Friday, September 05, 2008

72-hour kit lunch

Deidra is planning on doing the yearly update to our 72-hour kits next week, so I decided I should start eating the food that is in there from last year. I actually thought I should try eating all the food in my 72-hour kit in 72 minutes, but Deidra wasn't so keen on that idea. So, instead, I had a lunch made up of Spicy Chile Chicken cup-o-noodles, soda crackers, and orange flavored Crystal Light mixed in water. All-in-all, it wasn't so bad (minus the stale soda crackers). I'm grateful that we're able to have a 72-hour kit in reserve should we need it.