Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Language of Millie: Shally Shells Sheshells

Millie's vocabulary continues to grow at an alarming rate (at least to this first-time parent). Every day, she is saying words she has never said before and pronouncing words that she knows even better. But the one thing I get a kick out of these days is that she has the cutest lisp when saying sords with S.

When we ask her what an S says, she replies without hesitation with a flawless "ssssssssss." But it's a different story altogether when words are involved. House becomes housh; sock becomes shock; soup becomes shoop; sausage becomes shaushage. But my absolute favorite is when we ask her a question and she responds with a resounding "yesh!"

And I can only smile and try to stifle my juvenile chuckles when she attempts the word "sit."

Hopefully she's grown out of this lisp by the time potty training comes along. I don't think I could control myself if she has that lisp when she tells me she wants to "sit on the potty."

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Lisa said...

Hilarious! Kids are the best!